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Thursday, April 16, 2009

review of Body Language DVD by Richard Mulvey

A very good lecture on various applications of body language for business. Has a few anthropological explanations of body language, and also applies body language for sales and negotiations applications. Lacks a good theoritical explanation on body language.

Chen Sun

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Marketing book review

Book review of

Wired to Care: How Companies Prosper When They Create Widespread Empathy
By: Dev Patnaik

In brief, the book says empathy and then care for fellow business-related human beings (customers and staff), will create a better company. In the first 2/3 of the book, there are highly-condensed marketing analysis of several Fortune 500 revivals because the company empathesized and cared about potential customers. In the second 1/3, the author describes how applying empathy and care as the Golden Rule (do unto others…) is useful also in the organization.

There isn’t anything wrong with these themes, but frankly, one’s better off reading either ethics commentaries of the Bible for the Golden Rule or reading serious business marketing and organization books. Both will teach far more than this book’s advocacy of care and empathy.

The type of customers the author is accustomed is consulting for are major very large corporations—somewhere it’s easier to be out-of-touch with buyers. So, if you’re one of these lost Fortune 500 companies and are yourself lost, this book to teach again Marketing 101 might help.

Apparently, the author uses the material here for students at Stanford, (which the author continually reminds the reader of), and the book belongs as simply a treatise toward a very young audience—. Good for students.

Even though this is a small book, I really don't like to read marketing books that are too wordy. The "case studies" used here are brief but still can be further condensed by 1/3 to 1/2, and the business principles the author is teach are obvious, said better in thousands of other books. Good inspiration book, bad analysis book.


Monday, April 6, 2009

where to buy cameras

Additionally, probably the best place for a beginner to buy cameras is Ritz Cameras locally. They once provided free classes (many) with camera purchase. Ritz have different names in different parts of the country.

Question on low cost camera

Question: wondering what's a reliable simple cheap(?) digital camera?

Nearly any name brand will do. My guess is an inexpensive HP will cost under $80. The Nikons are very nice, and likely under $130 now.If you are willing to get a great consumer camera, look for cameras classified as prosumer cameras. I have an outdated Fujifilm S9000(?) series, that I would guess an equivalent may cost under $290 now. These prosumer cameras will take far better photos than any small digital, and unless the photographer really knows what he's doing, will take better photos than most SLR cameras (which are complicated to use and start at $450).

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Business networking

By encouraging local Business U. alumni throughout the world to sponsor local theMarketing networking events, this gives Business U. alumni a tremendous competitive networking advantage. Only a few people will ever figure out why Business U. alumni are friendly and networking actively. And it will be a rare individual who figures out, wishes to compete with, can get school’s support for such a networking strategy, and be able to overcome Business U.’s initial mover advantage. By keeping confidential this strategy, Business U. alumni can build a long-term competitive advantage in networking here.

In increasing by a magnitude Business U. alumni’s networking, the alumni will better appreciate and support the school. If interested in learning how this works in detail, please ask someone to call. I can detail a strategy and a profile of Business U. alumni who would greatly appreciate this type of opportunity.


Chen Sun, President
a Web Inventions eNterprise, WINning Solutions
Direct: 713-771-1082
Mobile: 281-804-6246

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Online alumni marketing

In follow-up to our conversation in Houston regarding enhancing Business U. alumni’s intercollegiate networking, please visit and join (free), an online networking organization comprising of 38 of the world’s leading schools’ alumni, and also quickly review , my December ’04 event. Evaluate theMarketing’s discussion forums, alumni search capabilities, dating services, employment section, and its local sponsored events, with three upcoming in Houston sponsored by an Business U. alumnus. This online intercollegiate alumni networking will enhance the value of Business U. alumni’s degree—resulting in greater contributions.

The local networking events can be used for strategic advantage for any Business U. alum. Consider for example, Houston—suppose Business U. has 300 alumni and UH (with postgrads) has 3,000 alumni. Let’s suppose Houston enables for 60,000 alumni to be contacted. This is accomplished by using theMarketing local events to invite the various schools’ local alumni liaison to relay the events’ invites to their alumni base. When UH alum joins theMarketing or its local events, he increases his alumni networking potential by 20X. When an Business U. alum joins, he increases his networking potential by 200X. Here lies the competitive advantage of networking for Business U. alumni.


email signature marketing

See for email marketing products. Below is a proposal written for an email signature, the update of which is a invention.

Bruce Sales Manager
Houston Web Marketing

Dear Bruce,

Thank you for inviting me in to discuss Houston Web Marketing’s interest in a personal email signature marketing system. WebAndNet proposes the following:

Custom build a sidebar and reply campaign signature set—designed to cross-sell Houston Web Marketing’s products and services and to achieve or enhance Houston Web Marketing’s branding and promotion goals.
Provide up to 5 signature set varieties for different products-services lines.
Modify up to 10 names and contacts information for one signature variety.
Train in-house administrator on how to modify signatures.
Campaign design consultation for best advertising results.
Class train users and provide manuals on signature transmission productivity methods.
Technical support for 90 days
Hosting for one year at no charge.


All designs will provide consistent Houston Web Marketing branding while working in marketing campaign synergy. Subsequent year’s hosting is $20 per month.

In addition, WebAndNet will offer to Houston Web Marketing the following:

If Houston Web Marketing recommends WebAndNet to members of The Katy Sales Leads, Houston Web Marketing will receive $200 refund for each sale WebAndNet makes to The Katy Sales Leads members. Such payments will be made until the cumulative payments exceed the amount of this sale. Subsequently, WebAndNet will pay 4% of the first three complete sales for accepted referrals.

If Houston Web Marketing chooses to do the marketing analysis by itself, and works with WebAndNet to supply graphics suitable for the signature’s clickable icons, WebAndNet will reduce the price by $250.

WebAndNet’s signatures have numerous advantages:

High quality, custom-created designs to enhance or create the branding image, built by internationally book-published, award-winning web artist.
Marketing campaign oriented, with campaign graphics and text modifiable by your firms.
Automatically stretches to achieve best appearance at differing recipients monitors’ resolutions.
Hand crafted coding to best bypass filtering, reduce size, enhance speed and have clearest administrator documentation.
Complete training and support on how to handle filters.
Innovative campaign strategies.
Upcoming patent-pending technical features that will provide your firm with the world’s most advanced signatures.

These signatures can be used repeatedly and indefinitely and provide an immediate advertising value. Customers and prospects infrequently reread a company’s static website; they may read 50 to 500 emails from that same company annually. Graphical signatures’ campaign selling and branding capabilities are generally vastly greater than static websites’.

Lastly, WebAndNet has additional marketing innovations or inventions for the distribution reseller market, and I hope we can further work together on products to best Internet market Houston Web Marketing.