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Monday, July 20, 2009

medical marketing

If you look at the web as a way to make more income for your gastroenterology practice, you can make good money. If you look at the web as a way of using your gastroenterology marketing knowledge, you can make great money.

Here’s an example. Unfortunately, I can’t give a lot of details due to the confidential nature of customer’s web marketing analysis. I’m working with some attorneys whose business model is primarily Fortune 1000s presently—they’ve been growing at a rate of about 15% per year. They wanted the website to increase their sales—and would be very happy at a rate of 18% per year.

I told them instead to utilize a subcategory of their workers to handle the smaller business they are currently referring out. Use a massive website to provides leads to this subcategory, set them up as a separate corporation, and then take a 30% ownership position. They are now beginning to see how they can attain a 25% sales rate increase instead of 15%.

The answer here was strategic utilizing their knowledge of laws’ marketing and revising their marketing utilizing the website. The answer is not, get more Fortune 1000 customers using the website.

The point of this is to say: though international patients are very profitable for your practice, the marketing means to attain them can be non-obvious. Your field is filled with opportunities; even with the limited knowledge I have, I have found highly profitable niches in gastroenterology that I can do. If you select the right niche, you can attain stellar returns.



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