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Below are WebAndNet's inventions. Please call for further details, as invention information is confidential.

WebBIZcard is a web invention capable of promoting your business while simultaneously creating new businesses for you. It uses virtual subdomain technology to create smart business cards and card indexes. Useful for nearly all sectors of the Internet—this is designed to replace or supplement all other ways business cards can be used.

Another interactive tool is our eMail Interactive Marketing. This patent pending web service invention is a brand building tool. Internet branding is frequently attempted using mass email and banner ads, with usually poor results. This tool builds branding using personal email with the interactive features of the web.

A new learning method for singing --see VocalPosture.com, currently at blog stage.

WebBIZopportunity.com,  currently at blog stage, will describe more of WebAndNet.com's upcoming products, which contain still more inventions.

Please call if you’re seeking these and other new forms of promotions and interactive marketing, ones that will create breakthroughs for your firm.


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