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The strategic marketing report forms the blueprint for building a beautiful website or interactive services. Typically, customers are interested in one of three types of websites:

Beauty in Brochureware

While image may not be everything, it plays a large part in the success of a web site. All we ask prospective clients is that they compare our portfolio with any possible competitors. WebAndNet clients receive rave reviews from clients over the professional look and feel of their sites.

Design and redesign are one of our specialities. Our new generation of websites are fast, highly usable, and of course, extremely professional looking.

Strength in Database Design
Whether its strength in SQL databases or low maintenance of flat file databases, you will receive an excellent value. www.pak.org shows numerous interactive services running SQL across multiple servers accommodating over 40 million hits per month.

Flexibility in Modifiable Sites
Many of our clients appreciate the fact that they're able to freely and very easily update content on our database-driven sites. The functionality we provide is as easy to use as Microsoft Word. Modifiable sites reduce website revision fees and enable you to quickly change website text.

Web Marketing-Why?
Standard and Modifiable
Database-Driven Sites
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