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How much of your outbound email is white space? Why not use this space, to cross-sell, campaign, inform, and even just for fun?

How many times will a person revisit your firm’s static website, even if there’s added content? Once a year, twice a year? People will read your personally written emails—why not add signatures to inform or remind them of what’s new with your site?

Welcome to WebAndNet’s Sidebar™, Reply, and Distributed signatures set, with patent pending.

Sidebar Signature™ — Want to achieve branding impact? Sidebars are designed for branding impact and linked persuasion — at the price of an email.
Reply Signature — Have you noticed that text reply emails are visually difficult to separate from the original mail? Reply graphical signatures enhance readability while achieving branding!

Distributed Signatures — Why limit signatures usage to you and your staff? Why not let your supporters and endorsers’ use your sponsored signatures—multiplying your distribution by several times fold.

WebAndNet™ invents new marketing technologies; keep in touch to learn more and receive information on new signature features.

Please proceed to download section, if you are here for Orlando Sanchez’s signature.

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