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Our customers' profits and returns speak for themselves.

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450% TOTAL sales increase.  #1 in targeted keywords for nearly 4 years!   This is the result of WebAndNet's strategic integrated web marketing effort.  www.FurnitureCubicles.com's TOTAL sales increased from $720,000 per year to better than $3,600,000 per year in 2.5 years.    WebAndNet estimates customer netted over $1 million.
From Renting to Owning the Warehouse
10 years ago, A&L Valves operated from a small office in a run-down warehouse.   Now, they own one of the world's largest valve distribution warehouses.  A&L is one of Houston's fastest growing companies during these 10 years, and WebAndNet supplied much of the sales leads.  Possibly greater than 450% sales increase.  #1 rankings in their targeted keywords for 10 years!  Again, WebAndNet estimates customer netted over $1 million.
Web Traffic and Leads Increased 5 Fold, Without Paying for Advertising or SEO services
Dr. Atilla Ertan, world known gastroenterologist, not only received the world's largest sole-practioner gastroenterologist website, he also received, without paying any advertising, five times the web and search traffic.  #1 in targeted keywords among physicians' websites.  #1 to #30 among physicians' and institutions' (hospitals) websites.  Click to See metrics here.    Also click to see Customer's Recommendation
From Skeptics to Believers
A respected, rapid growth, downhole drilling equipment manufacturer, Wireline Technologies didn't believe prospective buyers could come in from the web.  Even after the first four months of the website launch, Wirelinetech.com's management was skeptical.   Then their attitude quickly changed.   Could it be because some customers came in from the website?  #1 ranking in their targeted keywords for two years.
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