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Industrial Valves Description Writer

WebAndNet.com seeks individual to write four sentence descriptions of 500 to 1000 industrial, primarily oil and gas, valves.  Each description will be used in a web page with associated valve photo in a online catalog.


For example, you might write for a Bonney Forge L1-11:  “Gate Valve, 2” down, class 150. Cast Steel gate valve with outside screw and yoke, rising stem, non-rising handwheel, and removable yoke sleeve. Bonney Forge is an industrial valve manufacturer since 1846 and are known for their quality manufacturing standards."

You get the idea—if we knew how to write this accurately, we wouldn’t be asking you to. I extracted information for the above from Bonney’s website and a procurement specification, and then edited it.

In the writing, the critical content are simply the brand name, figure number, material, and type of valve. The remaining sentences should just sound like they're part of the description. We are less interested in end types, trim materials, etc., though it wouldn’t hurt if you got it correct.


An estimated 90% of the valves have specifications that can be found on the Internet.   You do not have to write any descriptions for valves whose specifications are not found on the web and will advise us which ones were not found.


An estimated 20 to 30% of the valves have cross-reference tables also on the web.  You will be asked to gather the URLs for any tables you’ve found.  We will be later posting a bid for the completion of these cross reference tables.


Qualified bidders will be sent a list of 20 valves on a well-organized Excel spreadsheet listing the valves’ brand name, figure number, type of valve, material type, class, trim, size, sometime 4 word descriptions, trim, and other information.   Bidder will be asked to select and write 5 valve descriptions, noting the URLs and reference materials they used to create the descriptions, and listing any cross-reference table URLs found. 


We are primarily interested in writing expanding on the brand name, figure numbers, material, and type of valve (the spreadsheet includes this information).  For example, if the spreadsheet has a two inch and a four inch valve of the same desired specifications, the bidder should only write one valve description. 


WebAndNet will pay each qualified bidder his per valve price for the 5 sample valve descriptions written, and then select winning bidder for all remaining valves.


Please bid specifically for 500 valves.



Individual must understand larger-sized, oil-gas industrial valves (e.g. Crane, Newman, Powell,…..), be able to edit quickly and accurately, and be proficient in Internet.

Feel free to email or call 713 771 1082, if you have questions.

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