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1. Industrial Valves Description Writer

2. Podcasting Technical Specialists--Houston

3. Radio Broadcasters--Houston

4. Search-Engine-Enabled Website Database Designer

5. Search-Engine-Text Writers

6. Houston Based Photographer for Outdoor and Facilities

7. Houston Based Video Agency

8. Writer for explanatory gastroenterology articles


1. Full-Service Email and Cold Fusion Website Hosting Services

Seeking Strategic Allies:

1. Wordpress and Blogger designers

2. Houston Based Advertising Agency

3. Houston Based Photographer for Outdoor and Facilities

3. Houston Based Video Agency


General Employment

WebAndNet attracts talented employees who know they'll always be treated fairly and want their skills tested. We offer:

  • An environment for the highly talented to create products that may change the world.
  • Excellent training environment for the talented.
  • A fair and just working environment for ALL employees.
Employees have done well. The 20 part-time undergraduate University of Houston students who worked at WebAndNet have achieved the following.
  • One received a US patent and has two more pending. WebAndNet will create the Internet market of I2I (Individual-to-Individual) based on these patents.
  • Several made over $100,000 per year within two years after working part time at WebAndNet.
  • Several later received stocks or stock options at major startups.
  • All who worked part-time one year tripled their income within one year after leaving WebAndNet.

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