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Our marketing philosophy-- Strategic Integrated Web Marketing because web usually yields highest returns, and when integrated with other marketing channels, can yield great synergistic results.  WebAndNet provides a worldclass SEO content management system.  SEO is what customers frequently initially want.  But we first ask, does the customer really understand what and how he should be SEOing?  The answers then are usually involved with a integrated web marketing strategy.

Our mission--First, provide the best strategic integrated web marketing services.   Second, to promote, using inventions a marketspace called Individual-to-Individual, initially using a product called WebBIZcard.

A history of our web innovations and inventions

WebAndNet starts in 1988 as SunComp Automation selling CAD/CAM and networks to large and medium size companies.

1997, a staff member co-founds www.FunCity.com (no longer in operation) which wins PC Magazine's Top 100 Websites of the World Award, then the most prestigious web award. PC Magazine rated FunCity as the world's best web classified, and the fourth fastest web database.

1998, associated site www.Pak.org gains the unique distinction of becoming an official national website while being privately owned. Featured as news stories in 2001 in Houston Chronicle and KRIV TV (Fox 26). This site attains as high as 8,000,000 page views per month without using paid advertising. WebAndNet's association here provides it with one of the world's most advanced web development teams.

1998, WebAndNet's name replaces SunComp Automation.

1998, invents a technology known as unregistered virtual subdomains, which receives US patent # 6,442,602.

2000, staff member successfully tests a technology that attains high search engine positioning on difficult-to-rank-high single and double words.

2002, completes an advanced industrial products configurator in the "Products" section of Gilmore Valve's website. Hart's E&P, a major oil and gas publisher, includes a discussion of this product in its publication.

2003, invents distributive email signatures (patents pending), innovates sidebar signatures. Shown on Fox TV news and used in Houston's mayoral election.

2004, invents a new form of promotions for politcal campaigning (patents pending). Uses endorsement email signatures.  Call us to discuss.

2007, publishes essay article in Houston Chronicle.

2008-2009, creates four FOX TV news stories including law firm customer regarding Network Soutions appropriating domain names, physician customer regarding dust mites and washaterias, band customer on live karaoke, and Google marketing.

2008, invents VocalPosture.com, a revolutionary method of learning how to sing.

2009, receives US patent #7,543,078, which will create a marketspace we name as I2I Marketspace.

2011, receives US patent #7,882,186, a marketing invention for email.  Samples of its uses can be seen here--email signatures.

2011, receives US patent #7,958,266, part of I2I Marketspace.

2011, invents posture stretching device.

2012, receives US patent #8,122,153, part of I2I Marketspace.

2012, receives US patent #8,195,838, part of I2I Marketspace.

2013, receives US patent #8,489,768, expanded Marketspace.

2014-2018, local events marketing focus. Created one of the largest law-for-businessmen seminar series nationwide.

2014-2018, inventions in postural alignment, singing pedagogy, and time management.



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