Friday, June 26, 2009

Yummy Kitchen on Bellaire-- Houston Chinatown

Yummy is about average in quality and on their lunch specials. A bit greasy on the chicken, price is right, soup was better than average, rice sticky. Nice looking restaurant. My peer diners had remarkably attractive sizzling dishes. Next time I dine here, I'll try the sizzling dishes.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Planters Big Nut Bars, Roasted Triple Nut

This has a subtle and exquisite peanut taste. Not as strong aroma as chewing peanuts or eating a thickly spread peanut butter sandwich. Tastes alike chewing on a thin layer of crunchy peanut butter.

I prefer stronger tastes, but if you like exquisite taste peanut butter, this is about the best tasting peanut butter bar I’ve ever had (and I’ve tried many brands)


Monday, June 15, 2009

FuzHou Chinese restaurant

In the same strip mall as the DiHo supermarket, FuzHou offers an exceptional value in their soups. For under $3, one can order a large soup and when mixed with the complimentary rice, this is a complete meal.

Their regular menu is good too. When I tried their pork lunch special, I was not particularly impressed.


Suite 105, next door to QQ Cuisine

Suite 105 of 9889 Bellaire, Houston, TX is usually packed--lunch or dinner. For lunch, they serve many speciality dishes that one would expect to pay a premium price for. For example, I ordered a mushroom dish-- giant mushrooms.

The taste is good--delicate, but my opinion is that QQ Cuisine next door cost less and tastes better.

I don't understand why this restaurant is always packed though.


QQ Cuisine

QQ Cuisine on 9889 Bellaire, Suite 106, Houston, TX has the best testing lunch specials. These range from $4.25 to about $6.00. Lots of food and taste great. I usually order their chicken. A 5 star on lunch specials.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Yuan Ten Chinese restaurant

9300 Bellaire, Houston, TX

Yuan Ten is one of those Chinese restaurants where the wait staff don't speak English well, and to compensate for their misunderstanding, they work very hard to provide an excellent value. The wait staff tries to be very friendly.

Their lunch menu starts at $3.95, and this is likely an unmatched value. Starts out with a very big bowl of bland rib bone soup. Mix it with complimentary rice, and drink some complimentary tea, and this is enough for a meal by itself.

Then the lunch specials can be somewhat exotic. Try their eggplant special.... I would classify this as a delicasy dish, and here, it is all for under $4.50--tea, rice, soup, and fortune cookie.

An amazing value.


China Cafe's big fish

China Cafe's steam big fish with toasted beans.

This sounds like very healthy food, but it is extremely greasy. Farm-raised tilipia has more saturated fat than even beef. Added to this, China Cafe, cooks this is a lot of oil. Very greasy. Tastes great though. And an unmatched value at $9.95

Most of the other big fish are also greasy, but my collection is one isn't.